WeGift Startup closing £4M in Series A Funding

WeGift Startup closing £4M in Series A Funding

With the innovation in technology, all the things being online. People can easily book a taxi, order food online, secure shopping from home and much more.

But what about the online money transaction. The traditional way to transfer money is that people go to bank wait too long for their turn and then transfer money to someone account.

This process is long and people are tired of it. For this WeGift is find a solution for people and make life easy.

What is WeGift?
WeGift is a leading UK startup that delivers open value, real-time on-demand digital gift cards.

For every business, it is necessary to attract, acquire and retails the customers.

WeGift understands the business requirement and creating a space where financial capital and emotional capital meet.

It giving businesses the tools and technology to build a better experience for the customer and make more customer engagement.

Payment stack method is built for businesses to accept payment from the customer. For digital payment to attract the customer business need the rewards.

WeGift is the power of digital rewards. It makes a new generation of digital rewards for businesses.

People send money to anyone, anywhere, with no fees, no need for bank account and they could save up to 20%.

Thousands of companies and millions of consumer around the world have used WeGift to do just that, using WeGift technology to unlock the magic of digital rewards to improve any human experience.

Recently, WeGift has closed £4 million in Series A funding, led by Fred Destin at Stride.VC, who is also joining the company’s board of directors.

The funding will be used to scale WeGift operations, help the company expansion in the U.K. and enhance its technology platform.

It has created a new category of digital non-cash rewards to power customer acquisition, retention and loyalty globally.

For businesses, WeGift includes bulk percentage discounts when purchasing e-gift cards from retailers, and negating the need to ask for a customer’s bank account details. Also, businesses can track how they affect the customer journey.

The company now operates in more than 26 countries, 22 languages and 20 currencies.

It has more than 500 brand partners, and hundreds of clients, including Coinbase, Sodexo, New Look and Halfords, among others.

This investment round will help to WeGift for delivering on its vision of creating the world first real-time infrastructure for digital rewards and incentives.

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