Postman Raises $50 Million in Series B Round From CRV

Postman Raises $50 Million in Series B Round From CRV

In the past year, a programmer writes the APIs-Application programming interface, mostly for themselves so they could write the login into their code and reuse that logic.

Today, the company build APIs in the thought that anyone will adopt. The famous example of the successful API is Facebook; its gaming APIs helped Zynga put its widely popular FarmVille social game on the map.

Google is famous for releasing APIs on its platform; that’s why every app and website with a need to share data on a map comes from the Google map.

How Does API Make a Money?

There are so many API platforms available, like AWS, Hostinger, Digital Awesome, and all the major cloud platform. But AWS(Amazone Web Services) is more famous today.

Compare to the old It organization model where you can go through the layer by layer manually for the hardware process, and equipment installation.

But is Amazon Web service, where developer simply fires the few APIs requests and they need is up and running almost instantly.

What is Postman?

Postman is a five years old startup. It helps the developers to program their software by offering API development tool-kits in a single platform. It has raised $50 million in series B round.

Rather of working with multiple platforms, developers can use Postman to design, test, debug, monitor, and publish APIs in one place.

An API is a form of code that specifies how two apps can exchange the data and what type of data can be requested and sent between each other.

Postman startup began its journey in India; it led by CRV and included participation from existing investor Nexus Venture Partners.

It has offices in India and San Francisco, and close it’s series A round funding four years ago and raised $58 million financings in that date. And now they raise $50 million in series b round.

Now, Postman has the plan to use the new funding to accurate its product, and increase the customer support operations and success throughout the postman community.

The Postman funding was led by Charles River Ventures (CRV) and involved participation by Nexus Venture Partners. And the CRV general partner Devdutt Yellurkar has joined Postman board of directors.

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